Mokomae Araki,

Rapa Nui, 1976.

Mokomae is a multi-faceted Rapa Nui artist: dancer, carver, and tattoo artist. From his work as a tattoo artist and body painter, he ventures into photography with models, making this activity into an additional element of his artistic repertoire.

Through the recovery and recreation of cultural traditions, he has become a reference for contemporary culture.





Baptiste Goudier, France, 1994.

Visit Rapa Nui in August 2019. He has traveled South America since January 2019.

He has being traveling through South America since January 2019.

He studied drawing, painting, graphic design, and motion design for 10 years in France. Today, he loves to travel in order to find new cultures and people.

He founded that Rapa Nui was the perfect place for drawing because there are inspiring landscapes in each part of the island. 



Paula Demarco Vergara, Santiago, Chile, 1980.

Illustrator and keyboard musician in Kafod, an art and music Project that develops musical productions, concerts, illustration workshops, and expositions related to flora and fauna. She has also participated as a nature illustrator in several conservation projects such as books, magazines, science publications and educational games.




Cristian Rapu, Rapa Nui, 1982.

Self-taught photographer and audiovisualist. As a diver and amneist he grew up by the sea. It begins by recording and documenting the underwater life of Rapa Nui, participating in expeditions and scientific publications. It is today an interesting author's proposal that has meant national and international recognition.




Paula Rossetti Arredondo, Valparaíso, Chile, 1970.

Paula Rossetti was born in Valparaíso in 1970 and has lived on Rapa Nui since 1979. She has degrees in history and photography, and is also editor of the newspaper El Correo del Moai, where she has done extensive work as a photojournalist. Nevertheless, her passion is documentary photography—recording the visual memory of Rapa Nui: the everyday, and the essence which lies behind the moai. 




Natalia Solar, Los Angeles, Chile, 1981.

Natalia Solar is a photographer who is continuing to travel the world looking to capture the soul of the places she visits in her photos. In the endless journey that is her life, she lived at Rapa Nui for almost 3 years, where she also worked supporting entrepreneurs and cultural projects from the island, for her University degree is in Economy and Business & Administration. 

Felipe Iborra, Ngeru, Chile, 1993.

He visited the island for the first time in 2008 where he discovered the strong artistic development of the island. Later in 2012, he dedicated himself to the production of art and designs of the Polynesian culture, starting with Rapa Nui. Although he studied industrial design and geology, graduating as a geologist, he has been working for five years now with local artists in various artistic projects, especially in the creation of the stage of the Tapati Rapa Nui Festival. Today he dedicates himself to tattooing as a profession, being influenced by the imaginary of the South Pacific islands.

Tauroa Aguilera Hey, Rapa Nui, 1997.

Tauroa is the son of a Rapa Nui mother and a Chilean father. He was born and raised on the island, developing and sharing, since childhood, a deep and sincere interest in the artistic and cultural tradition of his homeland.

Currently, he is studying the professional career of Visual Arts at Finis Terrae University, in the city of Santiago, focusing mainly on the development and understanding of painting, illustration and engraving techniques.

In his work, one can appreciate a sense of commitment towards the preservation of his culture and artistic traditions, recreating from his own language the aesthetics and the most typical and characteristic themes of the island.

Through the use of fantastic and surrealistic topics, he maintains an important link with the mysticism evoked by Rapa Nui.